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We Are Executives Serving Executives

There are numerous maritime recruiting firms throughout the world, but very few have experience working at executive levels within the maritime, shipping or offshore sectors. Our maritime recruiting firm was founded by a former sales and marketing executive within the industry. As such, we have the experience, knowledge and ability to provide you with the guidance required when hiring at senior executive levels.

Our Focus Areas:

We assist corporate boards, company owners, private equity and venture capital funds in identifying, recruiting, assessing and hiring executive level leadership teams throughout the world. Our maritime recruiters serve all sectors of the industry, including:

  • Shipping Companies: Ocean and inland transporters of passengers and cargo.
  • Naval Architects and Marine Engineers: The research, design, and development of marine vehicles and structures.
  • Shipbuilders, Ship Repairers and Yacht Manufacturers: The construction or repair of ships and luxury vessels.
  • Ships Equipment Suppliers: Systems and component manufacturers that supply the shipbuilding, ship repair and yacht manufacturing sectors of the marine industry.
  • Offshore Drilling Contractors and Subsea Service Providers: Those organizations actively engaged in the operation or servicing of an offshore oil or gas platform.
  • Port Authorities: A government or quasi government public authority charged with operating a port.
  • Classification Societies: Organizations that promote the safety of life, property, seas, ships, and the marine environment.
  • Marine Insurers: Companies providing insurance against the loss or damage of ships, cargo, and terminals.
  • Offshore Alternative Energy Companies: Those organizations primarily engaged in the generation of power from wind, waves or ocean currents.

Are you seeking a maritime, shipping, shipbuilding, marine or offshore executive with specialized experience?

Our maritime executive consultants provide services throughout:

  • North America
  • South America
  • Europe
  • Asia

Providing: Shipping, shipbuilding, shipyard, port, marine engineering, ships equipment and offshore oil & gas executive search and recruiting services throughout the world.

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